Salary Negotiation


This course will help you understand how to set financial compensation (Salary, Bonus, Stock, etc) expectations for yourself, and how to maximize what you get from your employer. We’ll share some of the internet decision factors which companies go through, from the perspective of Managers and Recruiters at some of the largest tech companies. We’ll also give you specific tactics we’ve seen be most successful.

As a result of this course, you’ll have key information to position yourself for the best possible total compensation (which is usually a combination of Salary, Bonus, and Stock). You’ll understand how to do this generically, and we’ll even help with existing scenarios you may be facing today. It’s not too early, salary negotiations begin from the moment you speak with anyone from the companies you want to work at.


Tech interview, switching roles or companies, Internship, University Graduates, Switching Newly Into Tech, Seeking Promotion at Existing Company


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