Interviewing During a Global Pandemic


This course will cover hands-on practical advice for phone, video, or in person interviews during this unprecedented time of a global pandemic. Everyone is learning to adapt, including companies. We’ll give you their latest thinking, and tips for stacking this situation in your favor.

As a result of this course, you’ll be ready to handle the “fuzzy” details of “how to act/behave” while the world adapts to interviewing during a global pandemic. For example, we’ll help ensure your video call setup is good, with tons of pro-tips (video quality enhancements, lighting, background, noise, etc). We’ll cover things like keeping your eye on the camera without missing the reactions of the interviewer, troubleshooting connection issues gracefully (and your quick fallback routes), and many more aspects.


Tech interview, switching roles or companies, Internship, University Graduates, Switching Newly Into Tech, Seeking Promotion at Existing Company


Pass the interview