Free Initial Overview and Salary Negotiation Tips


We’ll walk you through everything we offer here, give you an overview of the entire process you can expect, and cram in as much information as possible so you can determine if any of our courses are worth your time and money. We charge more for our sessions than our competitors, because we are far more confident in the result of you knowing the insights we have from our years of working tech jobs.

During our time together: We’ll describe how we help you set goals. We’ll describe some of many the tips we offer for increasing your odds of success through the entire application process – from resumes, to meeting recruiters, to getting referrals. We’ll then explain how we prepare you for the interview process, including through our extensive Mock Interviews. We’ll talk about the importance of the final stages of interviews where you accept the offer and start your first 90 days. We’ll also cover how you can learn from any failures or missteps of interviews you don’t pass. Finally, during this time together, we’ll share a preview of our salary negotiation course – just a small subset of the information you’d learn in that course. From there, we’ll answer any general questions you’ve got about the courses we offer overall, and potential next steps. We of course hope you’ll find us valuable enough to enroll in our courses, but we’ll completely understand if you decided it’s not for you. Either way, you’re under no obligation, and we’ll be happy for the chat! You’ve got nothing to lose, and everything to gain, so we hope to hear from you 🙂


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