Behavioral and Teamwork Interviews


Your interviewers will be looking at your behavioral and teamwork skills, and determining if you have the capacity to thrive at their company. This is done as part of every interview, in addition to usually being its own interview. This course will teach you how to excel at this portion of the evaluation. At most of the top companies, the result of this is weighed equally with your ability to do things like code.

As a result of this course, you’ll be able to walk and talk like a PM. Concepts we’ll cover include customer obsession, synthesizing customer and business needs, how PMs use experimentation and iteration, and more. Since this role is broad, and definitions vary widely, we’ll tailor to the type of PM you’re applying for & at the companies you’re most interested in.


Tech interview, switching roles or companies, Internship, University Graduates, Switching Newly Into Tech, Seeking Promotion at Existing Company


Pass the interview