Our Philosophy


Our goal is to help you succeed in your tech career, regardless of how much or little experience you have today. To propel your career growth, recognition, income, or whatever else motivates you. If you’re one of these people, we can help you:

  • Undergrad or Graduate student looking for a summer internship, or a full time tech position when school ends.
  • Working in an industry completely unrelated to tech, wanting to switch to your first tech job.
  • Wanting to pass interviews at small, medium, or the largest tech companies. For your current level, or even a level above you. From the most junior levels, all the way through the most senior and distinguished levels.
  • Bolstering your skills to go for a promotion.
  • Seeking career guidance for short or long term changes. Whether you know where you want to be in the future, or don’t even know how to get started thinking about this.

There’s no good preparation for succeeding in this industry. Universities teach you how to code, and other basics, but they don’t teach you how to write software services that scale. They don’t teach how you to own your career, and navigate promotions. They don’t teach you how to interview, and set yourself apart as a well-rounded candidate.



Our courses will help you navigate through the cumbersome, confusing, and opaque interview process, to land a great job in tech. We’ll spend time with you up front, at no additional cost, to tailor this process to your needs. For example you may want an aggressive career path, a slower career path, or just moderately paced and fairly compensated. Our advice comes from years of experience with all aspects you’ll face: from the application, to interview process, through offer negotiation, and your first day.

If you want to succeed at a particular type of interview, we’ve created 4 Tracks of Courses you can follow. Taking these Tracks will maximize your changes of success. Alternatively, if you think you only want specific courses, you can sign up for them individually. You will be the only student in any Tracks and Courses you sign up for. Each course comes with a set number of hours from us. To maximize this time together, we’ll may send materials before the course or after the course, so you can do part of the learning at your own pace. The time we’ve allocated is for us to present material to you, walk deep through even the most complex topics, and have plenty of times for questions and discussion.

What you'll get

Mock Interviews

Before and/or after our Tracks, we can offer you as many Mock Interviews as you like. These will typically involve 4 interviews, with two people interviewing you at a time, completely online. We’ll give you an assessment after, walk you through how you did, and give you all the tips we’ve learned from interviewing frequently people at big tech companies.

It’s ok to feel overwhelmed. You’ve got this, and we’ll help! Start with a Free Consultation. We offer general career coaching, including helping you figure out your own long term career plans, and the next steps you can take to accelerate your growth. We’ll also give you an overview of this process and help you pick from the Courses we offer. If you’re looking for specific advice, fitted to the unique situation you find yourself in, we’re available to setup individualized coaching sessions with you – and it all starts with a free Roadmap conversation.

Not Sure Where to Start? We do Free Consultations

If this resonates with you, we encourage you to check out our Courses.